How to Use Your Calendar to Add Value for Your Members

Curating a robust calendar is a surefire way to drive traffic to your chapter website and add value for your members

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Chapter Expansions

A strong chapter presence is essential to the success of your organization. A clear, documented strategy helps ensure expansions go as planned and provide consistency from one new chapter to the next.

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Location. Location. Location

Selecting the right location can play a significant role in the outcome of your chapters’ meetings. National can guide its chapters in selecting locations that are both in line with the missions of the association and meet the needs of the chapter.

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Take a Listening Tour of your Chapters

As a national association, the success of your chapters is the success of the association as a whole. How chapter leaders are trained and fulfill their duties is a direct reflection on the national. This comes together in the assurance of value to members

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Chapters – Are They Worth the Cost?

Are your chapters worth your time and money? Yes, yes they are. Many member needs can be addressed well at the national level, online and through conferences, but some can be addressed more effectively at the local level through chapters.

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15 Easy Steps to Creating Your Chapter Sponsor Program

Here are 15 steps to revenue-building success to improve your chapter’s ability to provide more value through sponsors.

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How to Overcome Volunteer Decline

Struggling to get volunteers? Here are 6 ways to counteract this and move one step closer to chapter success.

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Why We Think Associations Are More Important Now than Ever Before

The value of association membership realized in its benefits to industry and members has become more important than ever as the employment landscape has shifted.

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Doing Nothing: how’s that working for your chapters?

As a result of limited staff, small budgets and the reliance on volunteers, many chapters make minimal or no changes to what they offer in areas like membership, engagement and technology usage. This approach, while safe and easy, it is also limiting.

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Want all your chapters to be successful? Consider a regional chapter management strategy

Many associations use the same management structure for all their chapters, around the country. Considering the fast pace of business and the differing norms and needs of individuals, a single management direction puts many at a disadvantage.

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