Is keeping your chapter management technology in house the right direction for your chapters?

When an organization uses technology effectively, members react as expected. They attend events, they renew their memberships, and they bring new members with them. But, when it doesn’t work, they look elsewhere for their educational and networking needs.

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5 Steps to Combat Survey Fatigue

We are advocates for getting feedback from your members frequently, but how much is too much feedback? We have outlined 5 steps to take to limit your chapter’s chances of survey fatigue and negatively impacting your membership.

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How to Be Strategic with your Chapter Communications

Managing your Membership Roster & Prospect List as it relates to Communication

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Chapter Leadership Succession for the Win

3 considerations for the successful transition of your chapter’s next healthy board.

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Which Membership Benefits Are Local Chapters Best Suited to Deliver and Which Should They Leave to National?

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Why Do Some Chapters Do So Well While Others Struggle?

Overall chapter success is at the forefront of every organization’s goals for growth and positive impact on their community. There are a couple of main areas where chapters struggle.

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Time After Time: Attracting the Millennial Generation

5 ways to attract Millennials to grow membership and achieve future success.

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Keys to Board Dynamics

Team dynamics are key to the success of your board. We’ve outlined 3 things that could be causing disconnect and how to get your chapter back on track.

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Use Competition to Boost Membership, Revenue, and Attendance

Creating competition between chapters of the same organization is an effective way to increase engagement, boost loyalty, and spark creativity.

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Meetings – Timing is Everything

Morning, Noon, or Night? It is not as simple as that but, if you ask these 3 questions before choosing the time to hold your next meeting you'll increase attendance.

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