Grow Your Chapter Through Partnership in Service

Build community through volunteerism within your local area and through partnerships with non-profit organizations.

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Why More than Just the “Member of Year” Award is Needed for Your Chapter

How honoring members for their contribution to your chapter should be for chapter success.

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Membership Portability is Essential to Growing your Association

As associations aim to remain agile many types of memberships have emerged to meet ever-changing member needs. While corporate membership still has a place, the structure should be reevaluated.

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Forming Committees that Work for Your Chapter

It has been said that if you’re not moving forward, you’re falling behind—you should always be looking for new ideas, tools and programming to add value for your members. Even if your chapter has strong attendance and is in great health, now is the time t

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Thinking about setting up a WordPress website for your Chapter?

Here’s the top 5 Questions you should ask your WordPress website designer/developer before committing

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Going, Going, Gone

How to reduce membership expirations in your chapter

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Panel Discussion Plans to Excite and Educate

A step-by-step guide to planning the perfect panel discussion to meet the needs of your chapter.

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5 Easy Steps to Make Members out of Guests

How to welcome prospective members (guests) to join the Chapter.

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Attendance Myths That are Holding Back Your Chapter

The top 3 myths about monthly meeting attendance and why they are mostly false.

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5 Goals for Using the Chapter Newsletter to Increase Member Value

The Proven Comforts of the Chapter Newsletter

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